太古から、ワダツミ(海の神様)に見守られ、海の厳しさの中、その恵みに感謝し営まれてきた 漁業。自然への畏れとともに懸命に働く漁師たち。

From ancient times in Japan, there is a legendary god of the sea called Wadatsumi who watches over and protects fishermen.
Japanese fishermen have been plying their trade in the sometimes treacherous seas around Japan for centuries, praying to Wadatsumi for protection.
In an attempt to record the people and places that make up the Japanese fishing industry, I have been photographing fishing ports in Japan since 2009.
Nowadays many ports are full of concrete, but there are still many beautiful old ports that remain, and it is these that have most impressed me on my travels around the country.
I have called my series of photos “Rhapsody” as I have sought to convey the beauty of the Japanese ports and the intense feelings they inspire in me.
Many small Japanese fishing ports will disappear in the next decade as the population shrinks in size and young people move away from rural areas to live in the large metropolitan areas. I want to document the lives of Japan’s fishermen as they struggle to survive in an industry hard hit by the tsunami of 2011.